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Goryeong, Gyeongbuk Haewon Ind. Co. Ltd.

Nam Won-Sik, presentative director, Reported by Jung Su-Nam


Haewon Ind. Co., Ltd, located in Dasan Industrial Zone (Goryeong Industrial Zone No. 1), Goryeong, Gyeongbuk, is a company specializing

in the casting product and selected as the root technology company in 2014.


Nam Won-Sik, representative of the Company who founded the company in 1987 and still manage the Company. He is called as

Jigonggeosa and is 65 years old in full age this year with the birth year of 1951.


The term "Jigonggeosa" means the "Age to which I like to come back" and is described in the book titled "after living for 100

years" (published by Den Story, 2016) authorized by Mr. Kim Hyeong-Seok, an emeritus professor, Department of Philosophy, Yonsei



But, Mr. Nam does not want to just go back to any age.


He said "I have still a dream in my heart which I want to accomplish."


Mr. Nam's dream is to make a company having good working conditions like venture companies by making the domestic casting plant have

 the closed space.


He said "If the casting plant is made as the closed space with the installation of dust collectors inside it, it can be the representative eco-

friendly plant where the solar energy collector can be installed."


For this purpose, he proposed the construction of "Manseokkun" Industrial Zone.


The Manseokkun" Industrial Zone is a small sized industrial zone composed of 10 or more casting companies with the sales volume of 2

billion Won (10,000 packs of rice (80kg/pack) x 200,000 Won)


The Manseokkun Indusrial Zone is trying to construct the joint melting furnace, cooling tower and air compressor and jointly purchase the

raw materials.


Proposal for construction of Manseokkun" Industrial Zone which is a small sized industrial zone composed of 10 or more casting companies


He said that if the electric melting furnace of 500kg which is used by each company is increased to that of 5 ton and the cooling tower is

jointly used to cool the furnace, each company would reduce the corrosion of the products and equipment caused by the cooling water and

that if the hot water coming out of the furnace is used, the expenses for heating can also be reduced.


He took an example of the city government of Harbin, Russia where the heating facility is operated using the hot water so that the citizens

there can keep them warm with the supplied hot water even in cold winter.


In addition, if the 100 HP air compressor is jointly purchased and used, the investment in the facility and the failure can be reduced.


Mr. Nam said "Now, Haewon has five air compressors. If they fail, all processes stop immediately." So, "if the air compressors are jointly

constructed and management, more effective actions can be made against any failure in them, and we can expect better performance in

efficiency than the individual management of them." he emphasized.


Mr. Nam expects that if the joint investment and operation are made, the environment would be improved and the saved expenses would

lead the company to make their casting plants smarter.



Although the Haewon is positioned at the basic level in the 4-stage smart plant, its production site is more cleaner than the nearby competitors.



He said "The small sized companies with the annual sales of 2 billion Won or less usually purchases the raw materials such as pig irons at the

price of more than 10% higher than favored price. So, if 10 to 20 small-sized companies decide to construct a consortium and jointly

purchase the materials, they can purchase the materials at lower prices."


Mr. Nam has introduced and operates 4 sets of robot arms in the plant though some people said that the equipment is not proper for the

casting plant which has bad working conditions. Although the Haewon is positioned at the basic level in the 4-stage smart plant, they

adopt the field car production and management system (MES).


Taking an example that "The steel-making line in POSCO, Pohang is managed by the unmanned system with only 1 person in charge of it.",

he explained that "if the Manseokkun Industrial Zone is equipped with the smart factory system like the factory automation, the casting

industry would lead the fourth industrial revolution and make a log of good quality jobs."


He expects that if his dream comes true, the labor required by Haewon would be reduced by 50% and the production efficiency would

increase two or three times.


He continued to say "the root companies having less than 10 persons will not be closed. It is because as these companies make the family

centered management and the labor cost takes up a lion's share", the labor cost would be much saved." He also asked the Korean

government to change the policy from the large companies centered policy to the root companies centered policy."


Mr. Nam, representative of Haewon added "If the government support is added, more companies would be founded in the casting industry

where the foundation of companies are considered to be difficult and more young people would come to the industry though they have

avoided the industry up to now."


He is now over the age of 60 years old and goes toward the age of 70 years old. But he quotes the sentences from the book authored by

Professor Kim saying "Human does not get old if he continue to grow. When I have lived for 100 years, I found out that my golden age was

form 60 - 75. The best life is to live until a person can happily work and is helpful to other people". He said that he makes effort to put the

advices of Professor Kim into practices.




Reporter Jung Su-Nam

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