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Haewon Ind. gets awarded with grand prix for Korea's SME.

Haewon gets awarded with the Presidential Prize of Small and Medium Business Corp. in the field of technical innovation.


Haewon Ind. Co., Ltd (with Mr. Nam Won-Sik as representative), located in Goryeong Industrial Zone 1, Goryeong-gun, Gyeongbuk got

awarded with the Presidential Prize of Small and Medium Business Corp (SBC). in the field of technical innovation at "3rd Korea SME Grand

Prix Contest".




SBC announced on 23rd that the award to Haewon is mainly attributed to the Haewon's casting production method or cell mold process





Automobile brake parts manufactured by Haewon Ind. Co., Ltd.

Provided by Haewon Ind. Co., Ltd.



Unlike the general casting technique, the shell mold is the precision casting method and only less than 10 domestic companies use this

technique to produce products. So, the companies applying the shell mold is recognized with the their technology competitiveness.



Due to the accomplishment, Haewon Ind. Co., Ltd is registered as a 4th vendor of Hyundai Motors Group and in 2014, it was designated as

a company having the root technologies.



Haewon Ind. Co., Ltd was registered as a defense contractor in 1991 and was selected as a promising SMB by Korea Institute of Industrial

Technology in 1997. Then, in 2000, it acquired the quality system certification (QS-9000, ISO 9002) and in 2006 it acquired the ISO-TS

16949 and SQ Mark, which is the quality certification to be qualified as the supplier of Hyundai Motors and in 2013, it acquired ISO






Haewon's (from up to down) automobile compressor, transmission, and clutch



The observer in the industry explains that the excellent accomplishment by Haewon are attributable to the Haewon's continuous

technological accumulation and development of new technology through its own research center.


Haewon Ind. Co., Ltd has many customers here in Korea and abroad.



Haewon has the customers in various fields, including Hyundai Motors, Mando (automotive electric parts), Delphi Korea, PHC Valeo as well

as LG Electronics, Hyundai Wia and Hyundai Heavy Industries.



It has also the overseas customers such as Toyota of Japan, the world's top car maker, Delphi of USA, Tokyo Steel, Mitsubishi and Kito in

various industries.




Haewon's (from above to down) rebar coupler and elevator



Haewon provides the customers with the brake parts, compressor parts, transmission parts, clutch parts, rebar coupler, elevator parts, crane

 (hoist) and hydraulic valve, etc.


For this purpose, Haewon Ind. Co., Ltd operates the 11-stage process with the strict QC ranging from the mold and melting, heat treatment

 and inspection and post treatment to the final packing at the production facility with the area of 6,600㎡.



The company emphasized that this process is laid out in a sequential and organic way like in car manufacturing plant, thus making the

 process rationalized.




Haewon Ind.'s crane hoist (top) and hydraulic valves (second and third)


In addition, breaking the prejudice prevalent in the industry that it is hard to adopt the robot arms to the casting plant, Haewon introduced

4 robot arms to the plant and enhanced the productivity and reduce the defect rate a lot.


Mr. Nam Won-Sik, president of Haewon said "Korea is a country having competitiveness in IT and manufacturing. But, if that said, Korea

have to have the high competitiveness in the casting industry. But that is not the case. I will make Haewon grow to a world class company

and help Korea get the competitiveness in the casting industry."


Mr. Nam started his life in the casting industry when he worked at the casting company which is operated by his friend for two months

from late 1974 which was just prior to his graduation from the department of metallurgical engineering. Then, as a Navy officer, he worked

at the casting plant of the military and then after retiring from the Navy, he started to work at the casting plant managed by the friend. He

established Haewon Ind. in Goryeong, which is close to his hometown in 1987.


On the other hand, Haewon Ind. Co. Ltd established Haewon FM as a subsidiary in 2010. It also has made effort to supply the furan resin,

which is the hardener for the casting sand at the reasonable price for the joint growth in the casting industry.




Reporter Jung Su-Nam

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